Drug and Possession charges in Travis County, TX

Handling DRUG and POSSESSION cases in Austin since 1989.

When you are facing a drug charge in Austin, Texas – call the criminal defense attorneys who focus on drug cases. Our lawyers have years of experience defending and winning assault cases.

We have both former Assistant District Attorneys and Board Certified Attorneys on staff to handle your assault case. Don’t take a chance with your future – call us now for a free confidential phone or office consultation.

As you know we live in the internet world and the last thing you need is to have a possession charge on your record. A conviction for possession could mean the loss of your job or future jobs. When you were arrested your finger prints were taken and you now have an arrest record for possession. It is just a matter of time before all of this information is made public. Our job, and goal, is to fight your case to a dismissal, to protect your job and your future. Did you know if your case is dismissed, then we can have the judge order your finger prints and your arrest record torn up? Time is important, so do not hesitate – call us NOW to see how our experienced legal team can win your possession charge. Again, our easy to remember phone number is (512) 777-7777.